Karroubi I am not afraid and ready to pay any price

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Karroubi: I am not afraid and I am ready to pay any price

Four days after the assault on Mehdi Karroubi by “reporter” thugs in Media Fair, a group of journalists and reporters visited him at his home to comfort him, condemn the events happened at the Media Fair and ask him not to consider those horrible acts as what a real reporter would do. l

When Journalists remarks were finished, everybody looked at Karroubi to listen to what he had to say. Karroubi that still had the wound mark that he received during the attack in Media Fair at his forehead started by saying that: “I have visited the Media Fair every year, but this year because of the wide spread shut down of the newspapers and the arrest of the journalists I was more determined to visit the fair. I was not [personally] offended by the events that happened in the Fair but rather I felt sorry because of some irrational and unconsidered behaviours and actually it was good that I went to the fair so that I the true nature of some people was unveiled.” l

In continuation, Karroubi rejected the claims made by the Media Fair officials that in interview with some of news agencies said they had warned Karroubi’s bodyguards of the intense atmosphere of the fair and added: “I attended the [media] fair completely unaware [of the situation] and the claims of some saying I was looking for trouble despite their warnings are completely bogus. But in any case I am amazed and I ask them should I have asked for permission to go to the media fair?! I am amazed why the elders and more intelligent ones don’t prevent these kinds of inconsiderate actions.” l

We should not leave the field

In continuation Karroubi expressed hope that the ruling of such ideas over the country does not last and advised the journalist present in the gathering to have patience and endurance and also to maintain the balance. He added: “We should not leave the field as the condition of our rivals is alarming and that’s why they react with these kinds of actions.” l

In another part of his remarks, Karroubi complained of the excessive pressure on the media over the past recent months and in response to some of the journalists who were asking him about starting publication of a newspaper, said: “Every newspaper that is closed down (by the coup government) renews my heartache but with all that is happening we are trying to publish a new newspaper or publication. I don’t want to leave the field under any circumstances. I feel really sorry when I see some motivated journalist lose their jobs and their talents go to waste. It has been said that a stranger is the educated intellectual whose knowledge and intelligence has been alienated and now our real and professional journalists have become strangers.” l

Financial difficulties are the main problem for having a satellite television

In continuation Karroubi indicated that financial difficulties are the main problem in establishing the “Saba” satellite television. l

This friendly gathering ended by Mehdi Karroubi’s comforting the journalists as he said to his guests: “Rest assure that the situation will not remain like this and the government has to change the situation and open up the [political] atmosphere. Moreover be certain that I as a clergyman will do what I know is my duty and I am not afraid of paying its price and I am ready to pay any price for it.”

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October 27th protest

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Wrtings on the wall of Azadi University

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Students post anti government slogans on the walls of Azadi University.

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Karroubi’s visit to Media Fair

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Mehdi Karroubi made a surpise appearance today at the media fair. The crowd errupted as many chanted "death to the dictator" and an apparent attack was planned against him as well. The following is Karroubi's thoughts on being at the media fair:
“On Friday I went to the Media Fair. On arrival large groups of people supported and welcomed me kindly. Then I went to the Exhibition Place and from there I was guided toward the booths to visit the fair and large numbers of people were kindly accompanying me though this path and I repeatedly asked them not to chant any slogans. Meanwhile a group of at most ten people (pro-Ahmadinejad hardliners) started chanting “Death to traitor” (calling Karroubi traitor) and when they insisted on chanting this slogan, the large number of people who were accompanying me in response started chanting slogans such as “death to dictator”, and all the witnesses can confirm that the number of people who were chanting against me was almost nothing compare to those who were chanting in support of me, while the number of people who were accompanying and supporting me was getting larger by minute. What was interesting was the peaceful nature of those who were supporting me and their calmness even when they were passing by some of the booths of the news agencies who are against reform (coup propaganda). However, as the slogans increased in order to prevent any tension that could have been taken advantage by some to use violence against people, I decided that it would be best to leave the exhibition and when I informed the authorities they escorted me from a special route and people could not accompany me anymore. After few minutes when it got less crowded, number of individuals whom their presences were certainly planned and as usual have no concerns regarding their actions, suddenly surrounded me and started chanting their usual slogans and took similar actions that they always do and some of them started throwing different objects including brochures [at me]. Karroubi’s son who was accompanying his father during his visit to Media Fair, by pointing out the injury to his father’s face said: “they were throwing brochures and handouts from upper floors that when hit him caused his turban to fall down and injured his face.” What is interesting is that the coup government’s propaganda has reported that the reason that Karroubi’s turban had fallen down was because he was going up the stairs!

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Stop Child Executions In Iran

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Executions continue in Iran…

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      Yesterday Soheila Ghadiri, Mohammad Hossein, Ali Alimi, and two others were executed. Soheil's crime was because she killed her 5 year old baby, her defense was postpartum depression. The father of the baby had agreed to forgive her but she was executed on the order of the prosecution. In a statement by  Soheila, her reason for killing her baby was because " "I escaped from home and got married to the boy I loved, at the age of 16. He died in an accident and after that I started with prostitution and drug addiction. I got HIV and hepatitis. When my baby was born, I killed her because I didn’t want her to have the same destiny as mine."
        Ali Alami, another victim was married with 3 children killed a man while defending his wife who was attacked. The question that is heavily asked is, how does a man get executed for defending his wife? Any reasonable person would defend their wife when they're in danger, it's basic instinct. As for Safar Angooti, a prisoner who was soppouse to be executed yesterday just received an extra month before being executed. The victims family is currently asking for 150,000 dollars (US currency) for blood money. Angooti was convicted for murdering someone under the age of 18 and received the death penalty when he was 17.  The spokesperson of Iran Human Rights Mahmood Amiri Moghaddam said, " International attention has uten any doubt contributed to this postponement. We must remember that Safar and several other minors in the Iranian prisons remain in danger of execution. World community must use continue the pressure on the Iranian authorities to remove premanently the death penalty against all minor offenders." He also went on to condemn the 5 executions which occured yesterday.

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Mousavi’s First Internet Statement…

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Behnoud’s Funeral

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   Friends and family gathered, eyes blurry saying goodbye to young Behnoud. Behnoud was recently executed due to killing someone when he was 17 years old in an act of self defense. His death sentence was pushed back on May 7th, Finally one week ago the deed was done and Behnoud's neck washeld by a rope as he looked down. According to reports the family of the victim demanded to see Behnoud with the rope around his neck and gave the go ahead to continue with the execution. 
   Behnoud's funeral was a few days ago and his picture was held high as people chanted the name of the presidential candidate Mir Houssein Mousavi.

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Behnoud Shojaei Sheds Tears of Joy From Heaven..

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   I wonder what goes through a mind of someone who is about to be executed. When they put that cloth to cover your eyes, and all you see is darkness, what runs through a persons mind? Do we think of past failures? Do we think of family? Things we were not able to achieve or most imporantly a life that ended too soon. Behnoud was only 17 when convicted and given the death penalty for doing what any human being would do, defend him or herself. He stabbed another boy for pulling a knife out on him. A young life that had yet to understand the world and its cruelty received it today.
   Two hundred strong came to show support for Behnoud chanting and asking the victims family to allow him to live, on the outside of the prison the family agreed however when they went inside it was a twist of faith. An optimistic crowd turned into a state of awe. All due to confusion and as some would call it the heat of the moment.  
   When they brought him in the chamber, there were accounts that Behnoud was begging the executioners not to kill him and according to some accounts the mother who seemed to be confused on what to do kept saying " I have to see the rope around his neck." And in a matter of seconds it was all over, the room turned black just like Behnouds vision. The stool was removed and Behnoud collapsed to his death. Behnoud was in peace, for once in a very long time. After suffering months of pain and sorrow, this roller coster life comes to an abrupt end due to the prevention of blood reaching the brain. Another family being forced to have their child die before them and a lawyer with questions unanswered. It's interesting with lawyers, they are taught when they lose a case to move on and to not be so attached when its over, but how does a lawyer go home and sleep knowing an 18 year old has been executed? How can a lawyer wake up the next morning and live with him or herself knowing that no matter how hard he tried his word was no good? Lawyers are also taught to not be over emotional after a case is done, so a lawyer cannot shed tears when something as inhumane such as this happens? I ask questions that I cannot give answers to and I'll probably never get answers to these question by anyone.
   The struggle continues for those in this movement, in the eyes of some Behnoud dies as a murderer but in the eyes of many he falls as young man who got caught up in a terrible system. It's reported that Behnoud was executed in front of the victims family, how can that family live with themselves? Is 'eye for an eye' really satisfying in today's world, especially for a 17 year old? For Behnoud its all over and he deserved better, for once in his life he will get something he has not had in a long time peace and quiet. As tragic as this is, he was put out of his misery and a dark chapter is over for his life. As for everyone else who has wittnessed this moment, one noose has dropped however, two more remain for Mohamad Zamani and Safar Anghooti , if they could easily move the stool from Behnoud's feet they wont hesitate to do it to anyone else. As the world cries for him, Behnoud Shojaei sheds tears of joy from heaven.

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Three nooses…

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   Three nooses wait for three political prisoners in Iran. In a few hours Mohamad Zamani, Behnoud Shoujae and Safar Angooti will be called from their cells to be executed for minor crimes. This has started a big uproar within the Iranian community and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Mohamad Zamani's crime was according to Gooya news was for praising the shah's regime. It is amazing how a country that claims to be democratic would execute someone for political beliefs, democracy is about expressing their own opinions on politics. Zamani is a middle aged man who also took part in the protests.
   Behnoud Shoujae was only 17 when convicted and givent he death penalty. His crime was stopping a fight his friend was in and one child pulled out a knife and Behnoud picked up a glass and stabbed him and fled the scene. He was not given legal representation throughout his trial and had to write request for re-examination himself. In the trial he has admitted that he did stike the other boy once, despite his claims he was given the death penalty. His only way out of this mess is to reach an agreement with the family of the victim. Mohammad Mostafaei, Benouds attorney has stated "After I brought up the fact the family of the victim had given up their right to retribution, the file was sent back to the issuing court. The judges from the 74th provincial criminal court rejected the appeal arguing the verbal retrieval of family’s right to retribution even when it is confirmed by the witness affidavit does not constitute a reasonable ground for appeal and the execution order shall remain in effect.” Safar Anghooti is on the same boat as Behnoud, he was only 17 when he got in a fight and murdered a boy, his execution was to be on May 7th but his lawyer was able to postpone it. Now the time has ran out, he as well as Behnoud face execution today.
   Three nooses wait for three necks in a few hours. Many have requested to hold protests in front of the notorious Evin prison. There has also been a leaked letter letter on the internet written by a government official asking the city council to not visit the families of the soon to become executed. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, spokesperson of Iran Human rights stated: " We hope UN, EU and the world community do whatever they can to stop these executions, which are clear violations of the international laws that Iran has artified". He continued:"As long as death penalty for offences at under 18 years of age exists in the Iranian penal law, we will witness execution of minors in this country. United Nations must show that its conventions are more than just formalities and put serious pressure on the Iranian authorities in order to stop execution of minor offenders". Its important to note all three cases have not been properly reviewed and many unanswered questions still remain. Irans youth is dying unfairly.

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