Iran calling the shots

Posted in Uncategorized by iranallday on May 22, 2010
A few days ago the families of the three US hikers got a chance to visit them. Although they were not released something very interesting is brewing between Iran and America. There have been numerous report that Iran demanded the US and France to release a few people who worked under the regime. One prisoner was arrested and convicted in France for murdering former prime minister to the Shah of Iran Shapour Bakhtiar. The other two were captured by American forces in Iraq and were accused of creating or planting road side bombs. These prisoners have been released and in return Iran has released a student of France accused of being a spy. The belief is that now that both America and France have agreed to release their prisoners would that mean Iran will release the three hikers. There is one thing for certain about Iran and its that they look very superior after these recent turn of events. They demanded for the release of people who work under the regime and got it plus Iran is still holding the American hostages although the belief is that they will soon be released as well after the US has agreed to Iran's wants.

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